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 What length of time does it take to create an ice sculpture?


  • The time spent planning, drawing, designing, engineering and producing an ice sculpture presentation depends on all of the events logistics, ice sculpture presentation design, the artisan, or artisans creating the sculpture presentation, event location.


How much does an ice sculpture weigh?


  • An ice sculpture presentation can range in weight from 1 pound to 50,000 pounds(or greater), It of course depends on the design.
  • The average weight of a two-block ice sculpture is 300-500 pounds.




What are the dimensions of ice sculptures?/What are they used for?



  • Very small ice sculptures (2.5" to 8"). They range from ice luminaries,ice  glasses, to ice plates.
  • Small ice sculptures (8" to 17") are mostly used as table centerpieces, which can replace traditional flowers, or be used to display floral presentations
  • Medium sized ice sculptures  (20" to 30") are most commonly used as buffet centerpieces for special events,weddings, business functions. 
  • Standard ice sculptures (36" to 60" tall) are used in most events. They can be used either on buffet tables or focal points throughout the room.
  • Larger than life ice sculptures are often used outdoors or displayed on the floor with lights illuminating the sculpture from below. 
  • Giant ice sculptures are used for Promotional Events such as Movie Premieres, Grand Openings, New Product Introduction, Concerts etc. These sculptures can be anywhere from 6 to 30 feet tall!!



Why are some ice sculptures cloudy in the center

and others are crystal clear?


  • The clarity of the ice sculpture depends on how the ice is made. 
  • The more time spent circulating the water during the freezing process plus using the best quality water makes for a clear block of ice.


There are three types of ice that can be used in sculpting:

  • Basic canned ice with a white feather in the core  
  • Crystal clear ice blocks. Of course the crystal clear blocks cost the sculptor two to three times more than the canned ice.
  • Naturally Made Ice (From the elements on our planet).   
  • Quality conscience sculptors primarily use the crystal clear ice that is made in a controlled environment.



How can you stop an ice sculpture from melting?


  • You can not prevent an ice sculpture from melting or slow down the melting process in an average room temperature of 70-degrees. Only if the ice sculpture is displayed in a climate controlled environment below 32-degrees Fahrenheit or outside in cold conditions below freezing may an ice carving be preserved for a period of time.
  • The beauty of an ice sculpture is that something so perishable is sculpted into a work of art only to be viewed and enjoyed by only the people attending the event.


What can be sculpted out of ice?

Almost Anything!

  • Most Business and Special Event Logos can be duplicated out of ice and incorporated into numerous ice sculpture presentations
  • We encourage our clients to provide pictures or drawings of what they would like to see made out of ice, we almost always will accept the challenge to produce a special ice sculpture.
  • There are structural, time and temperature limitations for all ice sculptures.


Can you color the ice?



  • Ice can be colored but we prefer not to use colored ice for ice sculpture presentations that will be displayed in above 32-degree environments. We will consider useing colored ice for ice sculpture presentations displayed in below freezing enviroments.  
  • When the ice is colored it prevents the light from reflecting through the facets. Therefore losing that crystalline shimmering effect an ice sculpture displays. 
  • Colored graphic business and special event logos can be frozen into the ice sign or sculpture presentation, which will not melt or fade away throughout the event.
  • Colored lighting can give a natural reflection through the ice and still gives the shimmering effect. Lighting colors such as amber, red, blue and green are most commonly used.


How much notice do you need when ordering an ice sculpture?


  • One to four weeks notice for a basic ice sculpture is common, many clients reserve our services a year in advance.
  • For large major events with many Multi-Block Displays that require a large staff for setup and removal, four to 12 weeks notice is best.
  • Basic requests for ice sculptures can be provided with a 7-day notice.

We will always try to accommodate your request if the date is still available




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